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DB Cosmetica uses third-party tools for payment processing and does not in any way come into contact with payment data - such as credit card data - provided.

Any costs for managing unacceptable User payments will be charged to the User.

  • 1 The products offered for sale by DB Cosmetica are solely those present on the dbcosmetica.it website at the time the Order is placed, as described in the relevant information sheets.
  • 2 In any case, it is understood that the images accompanying the description of a product are for informational purposes only and may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but may differ, for example. by color and size (also based on the browser and monitor used to access the Site and view the images).
  • 3 To place an Order, the Customer must complete the relevant form on the Site in its entirety and send it after having carefully read the Conditions, as well as the characteristics of the product and/or products he intends to purchase. The Customer must also request DB Cosmetica, where desired, to issue a tax invoice relating to the purchase, pursuant to art. 22 Presidential Decree n. 633/1972.
  • 4 The correct receipt of the Order is confirmed by DB Cosmetica by means of a response via e-mail, sent to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. This confirmation message will summarize the purchase conditions, as required by applicable law, as well as the data entered in the Order by the Customer, so that the Customer can verify the same and possibly communicate the necessary corrections of incorrect data without delay. The following forms of payment are accepted by DB Cosmetica:

Credit card

When purchasing, customers enter their credit card details into a secure electronic banking system, powered by Stripe and PayPal. It is possible to make purchases via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and others specified based on the country of origin and the services offered by the supplier for the country of origin. All orders will be processed within 2/5 working days of payment, so that the service provided by Stripe and PayPal can proceed with the verification of payment and card ownership to avoid unauthorized, fraudulent purchases or purchases that do not respond to the anti-fraud systems of the Stripe and PayPal circuit. Please visit https://stripe.com/it/legal or https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/legalhub-full?country.x=IT&locale.x=it_IT for more information.

Credit card security

All transactions are processed via a secure server directly on the suppliers' servers, guaranteeing DB Cosmetica customers maximum data protection. The DB Cosmetica Customer Service operators are in no way authorized to request or accept credit card numbers and/or validity details of the same. In order to guarantee greater protection on purchases made in e-commerce, DB Cosmetica recommends its customers to join the Verified By Visa or Mastercard Securecode services, requesting a PIN security code with which they can make their purchases in complete safety. For more information please visit www.visa.com or www.mastercard.com

Credit card charges

If existing funds are sufficient for the purchase and the bank details provided are valid, the transaction will be processed instantly. The credit card used will be charged at the time of purchase even in the event of a pre-order although such items will ship later in the season.

Bank transfer

By choosing payment via bank transfer, at the conclusion of the order the customer automatically receives a confirmation email containing the DB Cosmetica bank details, following which the goods are set aside awaiting the arrival of the bank transfer on the account. The customer is required to send a copy of the payment via e-mail within 48 hours of receiving the order confirmation. If within this period DB Cosmetica does not receive a copy of the payment, it will cancel the order. We will ship the order when the transfer has reached our bank account and as soon as the goods are available in our warehouse.

(Service only for European Union countries)


By choosing the Paypal payment method the customer can pay directly via his Paypal account. DB Cosmetica reserves the right to ship the goods only to the address indicated on the account verified by Paypal.

New Customers

We would like to remind our new customers that dbcosmetica.it can ask their bank or Paypal to verify the transaction, also by contacting the counterparty bank. This verification could cause some delay in shipping the order. DB Cosmetica reserves the right to ship the order only to the billing address.

Retention of title

Until full payment of the price of the products ordered, the products remain the property of the Owner or of the respective Owners and/or suppliers of the same.

Execution of the Order

The Order is executed within the terms specified on the summary page and in the Order Confirmation email, subject to the availability of the product ordered. The Owner cannot be held responsible for damages suffered by the User due to delays in delivery that are not dependent on circumstances foreseeable by the parties at the time of sending the Order Confirmation